The Philippine government closely monitors and regulates the deployment of Overseas Filipinos workers worldwide; therefore, foreign employers/principals that would like to employ a citizen of the Philippines must first be accredited with the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) - the industry’s governing agency and is also the government’s arm that manages the migration of Filipino workers overseas.

An employer/principal who has identified Pioneer Asia Manpower International, Inc. as his/her Philippine agent, must submit a MANPOWER REQUEST FORM / JOB ORDER FORM for Pioneer Asia to advertise the job vacancies, pre-screen and conduct preliminary interviews for employer’s/principal’s final selection.

All the necessary recruitment/employment documents must be submitted to the nearest Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) which is found at the Philippine Embassy/Consulate for verification.

This process ascertains:

  • The existence of the company or project;
  • The need for Filipino manpower.

If there is no POLO at the jobsite, the employer shall undergo the POEA accreditation process with assistance from its Philippine Agent, Pioneer Asia for hiring Filipino workers.

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