FACE-TO-FACE Interview:
The most important thing to do for an interview is COME PREPARED!
Make sure you are armed and ready to answer any and all the questions posed by a potential employer. The better prepared you are means the less nervous you will be, the better impression you will make and the better chance you have of securing the job. Research the company. It is very important to have good knowledge of what the company does, their history, business culture, and their plans for the future. Make note of recent changes in the business, or the launch of new products and services. This shows initiative as well as interest in the work and the company. The more relevant things you can discuss with your interviewer, the better. Research on the country that you are going, a little truthful knowledge about the people, customs, culture and even the workplace ethics will help you give an edge during the interview. Dress appropriately and be on time. Know where you are going and how to get there, to avoid for the delays in your travel.

Review your résumé and if possible have it close at hand for reference. Be able to discuss your skills and achievements in detail and with confidence. Be specific about your strengths and experience.

Be polite, friendly, and remember your manners! Address the interviewer as “Mr.” / “Ms.” or “Dr.” until they tell you to call them by their first name. It should go without saying, but don’t swear and don’t use slang. It is important to be personable and likeable while being professional. Be yourself, but be the best possible version of yourself. Employers simply do not want to work with people they don’t really like. Shaking hands should not normally be given due to some countries are not into this customs not unless the interviewer extend its hand. Make sure to go easy with the handshake. Mind your diction and accent, applying for an overseas job will mean good and clear English, so practice in front of a mirror, record your voice and listen and improve if necessary. During interview, it is advisable to sit just half portion of the chair, make sure your hands are free from any items and that hands should be lower than your elbows, never cross your legs and your arms. Remember to listen to the questions and answer them accordingly, maintain an optimistic eye contact. You may ask related questions at the end of the interview but not the salary. You can ask the salary and other benefits when you are already offered the job.

TELEPHONE Interview:
Often your first interview with a company will be a telephone interview. Prepare for these as you would for a face-to-face. Make sure you have confirmed who will call who and at what time. Take time differences into account – example: 6pm Philippine Time means 1pm Bahrain time. It is suggested to take the interview call in standing rather than sitting as it makes you more alert and focused. Make sure to have a glass of water with you. Speak clearly and pay attention to avoid “ums” and “ahs”. All the rules that apply to face-to-face interviews still apply for telephone interviews!

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