Every Filipino carries in his/her heart a strong assurance that the Divine Being guides and watches over each and every one of us.


Filipinos have a good understanding or quick to comprehend to a given task; easy to learn new things and adapt to new environment as well as culture.


English is widely used which makes most Filipinos bi-lingual. English is used as medium of teaching in schools, aside from the native language, Tagalog.


Filipinos are known to work at an early age and even go to work overseas as early as 18 years old; to help and support the family’s basic needs, very family oriented.


Filipinos display tranquil or calmness in settling their professional and personal issues, most can even have a good laugh even during hard times


Filipinos are known for its creativeness when it comes to work.


Every Filipino grows and learns under the wing of a mentor who instills the sense of love, compassion, heroism and courage.


Filipinos have the tendency to take the most hopeful or cheerful view of matters or to expect the best outcome on every given scenario.

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